What does a Reading Include?

A Reading with Aeson A psychic reading with Aeson is very much tarot-cards the cardsaeson1use1aura1 give you answer like meeting a long-lost friend whom you loved deeply, making your soul glad to make contact again. This friend seems to know everything about you, accepts you for yourself, and knows what to do about anything that troubles you. Aeson does use tarot but also uses his psychic abilities. Of course, at no time does Aeson want to control your life.

You are totally in charge of your life, and should rely upon common sense, sound judgments, and the facts available to you as you make plans for your journey through this world. Look upon a psychic reading as getting directions for the journey ahead. You will still need to make that trip by yourself, and will confront all the difficulties that life presents, but at least you will have some sense that your direction is correct and there is a plan for all the craziness that you encounter. Also, realize that there are many ways to get from one place to another in your life. Initially he will tell you what they see about you. Then you may ask questions on any topic at all (have your written questions ready). Many times

Aeson cover the question before you even get to ask them. You may ask to have your reading taped. He is not afraid to have his work audited. He always finds a way to help you with life’s troubles. Other psychics; tell people that their problems are caused by the person’s own negative blocks, curses, evil entities, demons, or karmic retribution. Do not believe these things. They do not exist. Only a fraud will tell you such things. Finally, Aeson have very strict ethics about His work. At no time, will he discuss your reading with anyone. You have complete privacy, which is never violated. Also, he does not publish or in any way distribute a list of their client