Granny Ellen’s Dream Catcher Soap

Do you need a little help opening to your dreams and finding the hidden messages within your dreams?img_20151008_120515296_hdr

Then Granny Ellen’s Dream Catcher Soap will aid you in doing just that!  This soap is made in a traditional way, with natural ingredients, and real herbs and oils that will bring you to complete your dreams and visions within your sleep.  Granny Ellen’s Dream Catcher Soap can also bring you clear vision on your finances and just where you are in achieving your dreams.

Each bar is hand-crafted in a traditional way with Saponified lard and Mugwort.

$6.50 Plus S&H    U.S. only

The bars are individually hand-cut and usually end up being about 3 ¼” long, 2 ½ “wide, and about 1 ¼” thick.  Weight varies depending on actual ingredients used to make each specific soap batch, but generally weigh in the 4-5 oz. range.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, although if I have the stock you request on hand and nearly ready to ship, it may arrive sooner