Clergy Services

Lord Aeson Knight is a 3rd Degree HP and Clergy of Wicca with in the State of West Virginia

He actively trains within eclectic and   Traditional Wicca and holds open classes on various general Craft-related and other occult topics.handfasting2-370x280-150x150

Clergy Profile: Ordained Clergy and 3rd Degree High Priest of Wicca.

Currently Serving as H.P. Of the Coven of the Crystal Owls For more information

Available for Legal Marriages Hand fasting and Commitment Ceremonies; Crossing and Funeral Rites; Wiccaning’s/Sainting’s; In-hospital ministerial service.

Clergy Rates: Hindcasting’s /Marriages = $75.00, ** Wiccaning’s/Crossings = Gifting is acceptable

, In-Hospital Service = No fee please,

** Additional cost for travel expense and accommodations for out of town functions.

For more information please E-mail