Brief History

I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia and my family is a mix of Irish and Romanian gypsies. I say I grew up around spirits because here in the mountains, people have kept old-time family traditions and memories alive.

My Grandmother relied on the land for most things and knew which plant to use in just about any situation.  Was she a witch as well? Today, we could sit and debate that, but at the very least she certainly was a wise woman and the closest thing to a doctor we had, if not better. I was raised close to the Earth and Mother Nature, spending my summers in the woods and by the riverbanks, with an aunt.

Who was as much a mountain woman as you could get. Many people raised in the mountains believe that the son should follow in the father’s footsteps and the daughter in the mother’s. If the father is a lawyer, then that is what his son will be and so forth. In Aunt Mary’s eyes, if you were a wise woman then your daughter was to be one as well. However, Aunt Mary never had children of her own so I became her child for the summers. As for me not being female, maybe she knew something at that time that no one else did. To me, she is family and tradition.

She was my first teacher, and she could see things that no one else could. She taught me about the plants around us and of the signs of things to come and she was the first to teach me the art of card reading, among many other things My Grandmother was a tarot card, and helped many people both in person and through her typed reading. She showed me many thing and was very much my teacher in tarot cards and the art of reading people.  Where my aunt Mary was my teacher of the earth and the gifts that the earth gave me.

My grandmother was the one that helped me understand the art of reading and helping each client that is lead to me. Growing up with these two women was a gift and charmed childhood. After I was of age I begin giving reading for other while working in the health care field, then after guided by spirit I moved back to giving reading and being a professional psychic after it became self-evident that I would have only time to deal with the clients that came for reading This has been my path in life and it has been an amazing trip and I look forward to what spirit has in store for