Aeson’s Spirit Guides

I have gotten many questions on spirit guides so here are my thoughts on the subject. Is it, right? Well, it is what I feel is right. We all have them, be it guides or guardian angels or just a voice of truth in the back of your head or gut feeling. You communicate with them every day, even if you don’t realize it. You know when you are walking around talking to only yourself? Well, you’re talking to your guides.

You just may not hear the response or you do and think it your own mind talking back. Many children have what grown-ups call imaginary friends. I believe that when you first meet your spirit guides as a child, the only way we can perceive them is as imaginary friends, because the grownups can’t see or hear them like the kids can. As you grow older you forget that they are there until you need them or go hunting for them later in life.

Then it is harder to see them. As kids, we get told that these things are not real, just our imaginations, so as adults, we have to fight that urge to write everything spiritual, paranormal, and psychic off as pretend. Let me introduce you to my boys as I call them. I can’t give you their real names because I am not sure they have names other than the ones I have given them, at least not that could be spelled or comprehended in English. I have three guides that look to be human.

Mark is the one that changes his appearance the most. I’m not sure if he knows what he wants to look like to me or if it is just me that is changing how he looks. Mark is the one that pushes me the most and encourages me the most

Darin- He looks like a Druid with a beard and ceremonial robe and has that teacher tone in his voice he is the guide that work the most with me when I am doing reading.

Dave-The best way to describe him is a tall, good natures Indian that can find information on anything. He looks like a librarian but in the 1800′s, has glasses, a small goatee, small eyes, and a nice smile.


Pan-And last but not least is my black panther. I think he is my animal guard and teacher. He is the one that seems to interest me the most. He like just watching human and understanding our life in ever detail.402888_278989598873041_1072205218_n

All my boys seem to have a point and some subject to teach me as do your guides. So start looking out of the corner of your eye and find your old friends that did not go anywhere, you just stopped hearing and seeing them