Aeson’s Code of Ethics

Anyone who is dealing with peoples Life’s and are professional. they should have a strong code of ethics few have it or public post there I however do List my below.  For you to view and to have full knowledge of them before and after our reading.    Aeson Is One of the few psychic

Here is mine:
I will be honest about the information shared in a reading.
Many times, clients ask about relationships or other matters and at times they seem to be seeking validation in one form or another. There are psychics, or people claiming to be psychics, who have no problem, what so ever with telling clients exactly what they want to hear. I believe in honesty above all else. I will guarantee every reading. I believe wholeheartedly in the accuracy and importance of the readings that I provide. I feel strongly that every psychic doing business should do the same.
I won’t bury my responsibilities in a heap of legal fine print.
Many online psychics feel the need to protect themselves beneath a cloud of legal protection. They ask that you sign off on lengthy legal disclaimers which absolve themselves of any validity or responsibility for the content of their readings. Others cover themselves in the guise of entertainment for the same purpose. I feel that this is a sure sign of something fishy.  I don’t believe in this practice. I believe in the truth. The only disclaimer I have is what the state law requires me to have and nothing more.
 I will not coach clients or fish for information from them.
Unfortunately, this is a very common practice among unscrupulous psychics. Clients ask questions. I give answers. No head games.
I will not give readings to the mentally unstable.
There have been a few occasions when a person asking for a reading has seemed to me to be mentally unbalanced. I will not accept money from these individuals
I have no limits on the number of questions which can be asked.
It is very rare to find an online psychic that doesn’t limit the number of questions that may be asked. I feel that this is very self-serving. I want my clients to feel free to ask any questions they wish and as many, or as few, questions as they feel necessary.
I won’t share information about any reading that I conduct.
Much of the information provided in my readings is very personal. I am a professional and as such, I hold myself to a high, professional standard. Some of what I do also often involves a certain amount of spiritual counseling. I feel that the information provided from my psychic readings is protected under the same rules of privacy as that of a lawyer, a doctor, or a priest. I will not share information provided by my readings unless a court of law orders me to and then I will provide what information I have, which is normally just the transaction and appointment time. I do not keep notes on my clients or recordings of what was said in the reading unless the client asked for the reading to be taped. In which case, then that tape is the client’s property and I do not keep a copy of the session tape.
 I will not judge.
People seeking psychic advice are just like you and me. They come from all walks of life, they are human. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone sometimes needs guidance. I make every attempt to be non-judgmental about those seeking psychic or intuitive advice. This applies as much to housewives and plumbers as it does to politicians and movie stars.
 I will not predict anyone’s time of death.
It is rare that a client asks this question but it is certainly worth including in a code of ethics. There is a chance that by predicting someone’s death that you could affect the outcome. By voicing the prediction a result may be manifested. In short, I fear that by predicting someone’s death I will help to cause that person’s death. I cringe when self-proclaimed labeled professional psychics engage in this type of behavior. It seems to me that they must not truly believe in their predictions, have homicidal tendencies, or that they simply do not understand the workings of the universe.
I will not use my abilities to control, manipulate or program another human being.
I will not assist anyone in controlling or manipulating another human being. Occasionally I am asked to assist in matters of this nature. I simply will not use my abilities to persuade, manipulate, harm or control another person in ANY way.
I will not sell anything to you other than my reading.
Or tell you crap like you have dark energy around you or tell anyone their problems are caused by their person’s own negative blocks, curses, evil entities, demons, or karmic retribution. I will also not try to sell you spells, rituals, or any other remove curse crap. The only thing you will get is a reading.