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Aeson is happy to offer different reading and products that are

handpicked by him for his client to enjoy.

Angel Card Readings04-fanned_cards

What messages does the Angels have for you?  Angel cards was Channeled by Doreen Virtue and now Aeson knight is
offering reading with these desk of oracles Archangels are very
powerful, wise, and loving guides who can motivate and heal you in
miraculous ways.

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Tarot Card Reading

What does tarot have for you?Aeson Knights Tarot Cards reading Tarot Cards was Aeson first tool. Here you will find the standard reading offer by Aeson Knight. The tarot is ageless it has been around from the time of the beginning of psychic readings.

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Numerology Readings

What does The Numbers mean?

Numbers are all around us and touch every part of our life. With the sciences of numerology you will be able see how these numbers has to say to you.

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Specialized Reading tarot-spread

These are reading that Aeson has designed for his clients and found then to be very clear and to the point so you can get information

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Astrology Reading

Is the star stacked up for you?The study of how events on Earth are influenced by the Sun, Moon, stars and planets. Looking at your chart will tell you how it affects you your complete life.

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Granny Ellen’s Soap

Handmade soap Using Traditional Receipts To bring you a happy and better life.

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